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  CRZ symbolizes Corrosion Resistance/resistanZ and reminds us of tens of thosands of crores of rupees worth national assests, reportedly lost every year due to corrosion, which can be saved by timely maintenance, with proper application of crz paints.  

crz is the solution to a major concern and worry of any nation or general society at large. Having been known in the field, as specialized in developing paint products, to suit the specific requirement of an industry, truely speaking, crz is a team of expert tailors stitching the paint to industry’s measurement.

Using technology and applying our thoughts beyond technology ensures that the desired quality of the product is achieved. At crz paint labs, the quality of the product is defined as good, if it satisfies the customer from all angles.

  Our Products
      Synthetic Paints
      Stoving Paints
      Epoxy Paints
      Polyurethane Paints
      Other Specially Formulated Paints
      Wood Finishes
      All Products at one glance.
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